Via Pradat Candie, 43
33082 Azzano Decimo (PN)
Italia - Italy

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Accesso 16 – Jesolo

Art Family Apartment was founded in 2012 by the passion of its founder James Sherwood, who, thanks to his origins and his Florentine culture, his guests, in collaboration with his staff, with the sense of kind hospitality and joviality; traditions that have distinguished Florence since of the Medici. Our services also include: airport or station pick-up, guided tours by the City of Florence for Museums.

The Stoni has 60 apartments selected with care and taste, located from the city center to the hills, able to accommodate 2 to 8 guests, to meet the various needs of customers who are addressed all the attention by providing the information: on the city, on the places of interest cutural, on events, on typical places to eat and anything else you need.


Classe Energetica A+++